FRIENDSHIP by Adam Henry Carriere

My best friend is movies
always was

do you have better friends than Benji or Beetlejuice?

I took an airplane into the abyss with Alice
I went back to school and beat the devil with my billion dollar brain
child's play for a carefree city slicker

my attending physicians?

Dr. No, physical therapist
Dr. Phibes, internal medicine
Dr. Cyclops, opthamologist
Dr. Mabuse, psychiatrist
Dr. Goldfoot, podiatrist
Dr. Zhivago, psychologist
Dr. Strangelove, surgeon extraordinare
and Doctor Dolittle, pediatrician

(see if your HMO can do better)

Dr. Kildare? bit too latent for me

I had sex with Eddie and the cruisers
followed the fleet with the flying deuces
and had more sex in the grand hotel with the gay divorcee
I was his kind of woman
high heels and all

if I had a million, I'm all right, Jack
just one of the guys on a journey of hope

kiss me deadly, Kafka
what a date that was

Leolo and Lawrence of Arabia, those mos
Lolita and La Femme Nikita, them dykes

Hell...! M...!

my friends travel often and well -
they always bring me with

I've gone Africa, Texas style...Bush in the bush
worn a dress in bonnie Scotland...nakedity!
been shocked in Casablanca...largely at the service
smoked Dementia 13...surgeon general regardless
and dreamed, dreamed of Europa, Europa
fucked Fanny and Alexander flying down to Rio
and found my mind in the torrid zone

zombies on Broadway

terrible monkey business with Monsieur Verdoux,
spending a notorious night at the opera
a quick change
a race with the devil for a room with a view
sleeping on the beach
dreaming only when I laugh
making pillow talk
a sense of loss and a shadow of a doubt
until the end of the unforgiven
the vampire lover's circus
where eagle's dare the heart is
the year of the dragon living dangerously

I committed the first deadly sin
with the second best secret agent in the whole wide world
and became the third man
under the fourth protocol
five days one summer
six days and six nights
and seven days in May

I won on the dead pool last week
before getting stuck in heavy traffic
with Amadeus, Mad Max,
Frankenstein and the monster from Hell
followed by Charlie Chan and Boston Blackie
in a yellow Rolls-Royce on Sunset Boulevard

I fought beside Sergeant York
made a bad lieutenant
sailed with Captain Nemo
trained Major Payne
served under Colonel Chabert
before sleeping through the night of the generals

so they do shoot horses

Rufus T. Firefly for President
(could he do worse?)

it's (a wonderful life)
kind of k(l)ute
staring at a (all we are is another brick in the) wall
in (like Flint)
the dark (of the sun)
with a (wild) bunch
of (ordinary) people
you (don't look now) know

but we're all good friends (of Eddie Coyle)

...and now for something completely different...

this is the big picture, cat people
the bloodsport of my mind

my cocoon
my comfort and joy
my compulsion

desperate hours spent in the company of wolves,
the fiction makers

once around would be a perfect world

the road to utopia a tender mercy to me,
true believer

a world apart
yep, that's this boy's life Adam Henry Carriere